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1974 M-151 Puyallup, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

No title, but may be a good price.

I have too many toys and need to give one up to a good home. It’s an AM General MUTT, M151 A2. It has been approved in the state of Washington to be street legal and road worthy. It sat for 25 years in a barn before I got it and the owner lost the original title. It now has been registered with the state and on the waiting period for pink slip, but vehicle can still be sold. It has the collector plate on it now and that too can be transferred over to the new buyer. 

I had the tank cut, cleaned and gel coated. It was really bad. The tires are original and so is the hoses and tubing. It runs great, but being what it is, it’s not a daily driver. LOL I really believe it’s all original. The carburetor does need to be rebuilt, because it really is sluggish on the road. I did install two aftermarket batteries because the others were not original so I didn’t worry about it too much. It is a 24v system. Other than that, it’s available for you to take it home today. Yes you can drive it home, but until you get use to it, I would suggest you use a flat bed. I do drive it to the store every once in a while and get people talking to me a lot about it or I get a lot of thumbs up going down the road.”



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