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Photo of Woman @ the 1961 Jeep Derby **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The winner of the 1961 @ Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Jeep Derby race received a DJ-3A Surrey!

“Here is an Original Vintage 1961 5th ANNUAL JEEP DERBY Josephine Johns
8×10 B&W Press Photo
READY FOR THE JEEP DERBY — Josephine Johns of El Paso waves as she prepares to take a trial run over the 63-mile three-day fifth annual International Jeep Derby at Truth or Consequences, NM. April 21-23 in connection with the Ralph Edwards Fiesta. First prize will be a pink Acapulco-style Jeep to be given by Willys Motors Inc.”

1961-t-or-q-race-5th-annual1 1961-t-or-q-race-5th-annual2


6 Comments on “Photo of Woman @ the 1961 Jeep Derby **SOLD**

  1. SE Pennsylvania Guy

    I suspect this is just a publicity shot promoting the race. I don’t think she actually drove in it.
    Can a jeep be raced in high heels, Dave? Or in a bathing suit?

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Steve, now how would I know if a jeep can be raced in high heels? lol. If she drove at all, I suspect she motored over some small section of it.

    Based on some newspaper reports I found, this race was a big deal for years. Jeep was a sponsor, giving a vehicle to the winner multiple times. It’s one of those odd bits of jeep history I’d like to learn more about.

    Bob, that’s a pretty scare ‘cage’. I wonder if anyone died during the race. I’ve got several photos that show two people per jeep during the race. Given the lack of protection, I would imagine there were at least a few serious wrecks.

    – Dave

  3. steve

    Is this ‘women and jeep’ thing getting a little out of hand? Do we have to report you to the authority.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    I found a good resource for some Jeep Derby race info. In 1961, “Critt Coburn of Las Cruces, New Mexico, received a pink Jeep for winning the fifth international jeep derby. Second place went to Art Sullivan and third place winner was Richard Beyer of Messilla, New Mexico.”

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