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1942 MB? Northeast, TX Make Offer


UPDATE: Still Available

(10/26/2013) This looks solid.

“1942 Willys 4×4 , 4 cylinder , 3 speed 31315 miles.Serial #130499,date of delivery 3-25-42.Converted to 12 volt. Runs and drives,fwd works.New top on it,by best top.Stored indoors for the last 20 yrs.In good shape for 71 years old”

1942-mb-northeast-tx1 1942-mb-northeast-tx2 1942-mb-northeast-tx3 1942-mb-northeast-tx41


13 Comments on “1942 MB? Northeast, TX Make Offer

  1. Zack

    My wallet is infested with Moths!!!!! >:O
    Really nice Jeep, If I didn’t have 3 projects already, I would probably get it. 😀
    Be a good driver.

  2. Alaska Paul

    I understand the empty wallet condition… I researched my family history and I discovered I’m part Italian. The last name of the Italian branch is Myfundsarelow.

  3. hugh

    Wow i guess my offer wouldnt have been considered. he wont ever even come close to half that id imagine.

  4. Joe in Mesa

    Want that price? Start by cleaning the oversprayed paint off the tires. Come to think of it… new NDT/NDCC tires on combat rims would be required to even consider topping $20K …not to mention detailing that engine compartment, etc. etc.

  5. Andy

    Guy hung up on me when I mentioned I was a collector…..and if he was open to more reasonable offers!

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Andy, I’m guessing the seller’s negotiating tactic isn’t going to pay off . . . lol

  7. mmdeilers Post author

    The seller updates the ad all the time. He seems to be pretty set in his price.

    – Dave

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