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1977 Stretched CJ-7 Crawler Scranton, PA eBay

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It looks like there’s a pile of money put into this unusual rig. A couple things need fixing.

“This is a high-dollar build custom 1977 Jeep CJ that is just unreal! People come from all over to see this and get a picture with it. It is an extreme head-turner!! It will snap necks! The local police love it and offered to give me an escort wherever I need to go with it! It will dominate any 4×4 show. I own a car lot and use it for advertising. It is perfect for drawing business in.

It is an all steel body with the obvious mod, two extra doors! There is no roof with it. I was going to build an aluminum roof but never got around to it. It’s always been garage kept. The tires are 52 inch. The rims are 20 inch. It has a gorgeous small block chevy 350 with 350 turbo trans. I’ll add additional info about the rears tomorrow. I need to double check. It has air suspension. There is about 12-18 inches of travel with air. There is $60,000 invested in this. I use the term invested loosely… You will be investing though. This is an investment for your business or personal collection. The loss has already been absorbed by the original builder and myself. I can’t really call it a loss because it did it’s job. I sold a lot of cars and trucks due to the increased traffic this thing brought in.

Things it needs: the steering box mounted more sturdy. The mount flexes. It has a leak in the air suspension.

Please Call me before buying it now. It is a custom Jeep and I’m selling it as-is where is.”

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2 Comments on “1977 Stretched CJ-7 Crawler Scranton, PA eBay

  1. Joe in Mesa

    More than a bit ridiculous IMHO. However, just stretch it a bit more and it would make a cool wedding limo in Las Vegas!

  2. Brian L.

    I wonder how one fuels the vehicle and services the engine? I would assume oil changes are a breeze though.

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