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1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Henrico, VA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Here’s a rare Super Jeep for sale.

“This is the real deal. I am trying to sell a 1973 Jeep CJ5. Everything is original on this machine, even the tires. My father-in-law inherited it from his father and it has been garage forever. This car has under 4,000 original miles.”





17 Comments on “1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Henrico, VA **SOLD**

  1. keith

    I wonder if he knows the yellow ones were more rare and the last one in similar condition sold for under 1ok,

  2. Lance McCoy

    you guys don’t seem to know what your talking about. This is a super rare find, it wet to $50k on ebay with a private offer of $75K. Contact the seller and hear about this jeep, those are the original bias-ply tires and all. This is truly a 1 of a kind, the most complete and untouched Super Jeep ever listed, and that’s a fact.

  3. mmdeilers Post author


    Thanks for your input. We’ve seen many times that rare finds don’t always translate into high prices. There has to be an associated demand. It looks like the seller didn’t get their hoped for $115K, so it seems the price was a little high or the ad not appropriately worded. I would suggest if the seller wanted more money they should have added the details regarding the original bias-ply tires, etc.

    I can attest that both of the readers above have observed jeep prices for years and have a good sense of prices.


    – Dave

  4. Keith Volk

    I was the owner of the previously mentioned Super Jeep in similar condition that sold for less than $10,000. This is true, as I sold it for $9000 to a Jeep collector in Italy. It is the first Jeep that comes up in images if you type in “1973 Super Jeep” in google. However, there were some significant differences between the two Jeeps that should be pointed out. First, my Jeep was not an unrestored original; it had been repainted and had reproduction decals. I also had the interior redone as the original two-tone bucket seats were shot. My Jeep also had 59,000 miles as opposed to 4000 miles. I tried to sell it for $13,000 but had no takers as the economy was in very poor shape in 2010. The Jeep above is certainly worth a more than my Jeep was, but $ 115K seems like quite a stretch.

  5. andrew larso

    i owned a superjeep myself its not true about the wheels som hand a jeep center plug to cover axe shaft area. mine was copper tone tan.i know alot about the super jeep most dont.

  6. andrew larso

    i know the man that did the hand painted one, he lives just out side of seattle, the super has extras that ,the other models didnot.

  7. Chris Fincher

    Hi Andrew, do you have pics of the Jeep with painted stripes? I’m restoring a 78 cj5 to look like this and there are some minor body differences that I was wondering what they did with the stripes in those areas. My Dad had one of these when I was 6. I’m primarily looking for nostalgia than anything. The 78 I have now has a 401, but I’m debating finding a 73 and swap the engine or restore this one.

  8. Gene M Smith

    l have a 1973 super jeep setting in barn with 596 miles on it with the 304 motor it will be in the 2018 Toledo jeep fest August 11 parade i want to sale it what is it worth?

  9. David Eilers

    Hi Gene,

    Those jeeps are sold infrequently enough that the price is really a reflection of demand at the time of sale. If it is in excellent shape with only 596 miles on it, then it’s a rare one indeed. You’ll likely get the best price by putting it on eBay (or another auction site) with a reserve equalling what you’d like to get out of it and then letting me and the folks at the site that it’s there so we can let others know.

    If you have other questions, feel free to email me at

  10. Scott Hale

    I just bought a 73 cj5 super jeep its original color was yellow but they painted black over it would it lose value if I sand it down and repaint it the original colors?

  11. David Eilers


    If I understand everything correctly, I would say the biggest hit in value occurred when they painted it black. By repainting it the original colors, you are at least restoring some of the original feel to it. How much that will add in value I couldn’t say, as there are so few of the jeeps and the demand isn’t that large, so the eventual value will most likely be negotiated between you (the seller) and the buyer.

    – Dave

  12. Mark

    I just acquired a 73 Super Jeep. I am not really interested in restoring it. It is painted dark green, starts and runs well. Seems to have some suspension issues. Anyone itching to have one?
    Charlotte, NC

  13. David Eilers


    I’d be happy to list it on eWillys if no one on this thread is interested in it (it’s free). If you decided you want to list it, just send to some pics, your price (or make offer), a description, and your preferred method of contact (email/phone/or both).

    If you have questions, just ask!
    – Dave

  14. David Eilers

    Hi Tim,

    I haven’t seen any super jeeps for sale lately. Auction sites (especially eBay) are your best bet for locating one for sale.

    – Dave

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