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Bill’s Half Scale Jeep

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Bill Shaw is looking for some five lug tires for his 1/2 scale jeep project. If you comment below, I’ll make sure he get’s your info. Here are a couple links I found:

Bill writes, “I am working on a ½ scale jeep, mounted on a John Deere garden tractor. The engine fits well and I am now working on the axles which I am lowering 6” (if you look on-line, most of these projects have an odd out of kilter high on running gear look). We (my son-in-law, grandson and I) are looking for 4.80/4.00-8 military looking non directional tread tires, 5 of them. If anyone has a lead please let us know – Kanda used to make them, I think. The photos are of a correct size wheel in place, the engine (just fits) and the front steering axle as I am lowering the spindles. We are going to use 5 lug trailer spindles and hubs on the front and on the rear I am going to modify 6” chain sprockets with wheel lugs for the drive axle.”



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