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1942 GPW Chatham, NJ eBay


Steve’s selling his restored GPW. This is the 28th jeep he’s restored. Below you can see the before and after photos.

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1942 GPW before the restoration


Post restoration


2 Comments on “1942 GPW Chatham, NJ eBay

  1. Joe in Mesa

    That looks outstanding. But the thought he’s done 28 blows me away.
    And you can see what looks like the next project in the driveway (in the eBay pics). Great work 🙂

  2. Steve S

    Thanks Joe! I’ve actually owned 33 jeeps. I currently have four projects in the wing, 2 M38s, an MB, and a VEC CJ2A column shift.
    You are correct though- the next project is seen in the e-Bay photos, it is a 1951 M38…hopefully starting it as soon as the GPW sells.
    My friends tell me I’m going to surpass Tucker…he only made 50 cars…I’m approaching his number rapidly!!

    Steve S.

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