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1973 M-561 6×6 Gama Goat Phoenix, AZ **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $9000

“1973 M561 Gama Goat truck

This truck is a beast and should be take seriously. All military issue, recently checked over by a lifelong military mechanic. I can only list some of the awesomeness of this truck so please call.

All wheel drive
Four wheel steering
Chevrolet 454 V8 engine and 700r4 transmission mated to original T-case
Throttle body style FUEL INJECTION
Custom roll cage
All Aluminum body including trailer
COMPLETE MANUAL SET!!!! worth over 1000!!!
All original MILITARY ISSUE trailer seating, covers, tarps, and GPS computer included
So many extra parts still in original packaging…There are boxes full!!!
Registered, insured and legal to drive on the street, can do freeway speeds”



12 Comments on “1973 M-561 6×6 Gama Goat Phoenix, AZ **Status Unknown**

  1. Eric Kalamaja

    Not the kind of tires I was issued but much better. Drove these for four years. Never got stuck.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    That monster engine sits right behind the front seats, and I still remember how loud it was. Rode in these in the Army (Ft Campbell, I think) and wearing hearing protection was mandatory.

  3. Boomer in MN

    3-53 Detroit Diesel was the stock power plant {I”m almost sure}; or maybe 4-53. Both “screamin’ Jimmy” LOUD!!

  4. JW

    The engine is not “military issue”. As boomer stated the 3-53 Detroit is the stock engine. That roll cage is nice, but again not an original military option. Nice ‘goat, but not stock.

  5. Ed

    They were designed to be amphibious as well! A friend here has a similar engine mod with disc brakes and 49 inch tires.

  6. David Eilers

    Hi Gary,

    I haven’t seen this on Craigslist for a while. If I do see it again for sale, I will drop you an email.

    – Dave

  7. David Adams & Joann Adams

    looking for a running and driving Military gamma Goat . I have a very decent well kept all Original 1965 Mercury Monterey Breezeway to offer as trade with rebuilt tranny , neat engine and tranny seal and ready for shows. Beautiful Red interior, black exterior. Clear title, tagged and insured as Antique in my name. Also I would trade for Military Ambulance as well. Thanks and take care all.

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