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1950 CJ-V35U Port Orchard, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

(08/18/2014) It is a project.

I have in my possession a 1950 willys cjv-35 (no title), these are a rare military jeep, 1000 of these were made in 1950 for the navy they are a military jeep they are a combination of the MB, M38 and CJ-3A jeeps
There are less than 100 of these left that are in conditions ranging from restored to a pile of parts
I also have a motor for it the motor is missing a few parts but I believe I have all the parts for it, the motor was running when pulled but was burning some oil and probably needs to be rebuilt (it is not the factory motor).these jeeps were designed to be water proof i have the air filter, oil filter and cross tube. the front and rear differentials, hood, and windshield have all been under cover until last week when i assembled the jeep. The front differential has new axels. The body has some pretty bad rust but the sides are in good shape. 
The steering column is not factory

with it comes a 1947 cj-2a frame with front and rear differentials, the frame is in decent shape and has been under a tarp for the last few years.
I would love to see this restored, unfortunately I need to sell these to help pay for school and I have another project that takes priority. please contact me with any questions!
i get home about 5:00pm weekdays and am free on weekends”

1950-cjv35u-portorchard-wa1 1950-cjv35u-portorchard-wa2


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  1. Kevin Buck

    I am interested in some information about the jeep. is the engine the “Go Devil” of a different one? Can i get the vehicle shipped? My cell is (240)-315-7909. thanks

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