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Alaska Highway Museum Dawson Creek, Canada


The small Canadian town of Dawson Creek is home to several museums, including the Railway Station Museum and the Walter Wright Pioneer Museum. Because the town is considered the southern terminus of the ALCAN, or the Alaska – Canadian Highway, it’s also home to the Alaska Highway House, a small museum that chronicles the building of the highway. Inside the museum, is a jeep that participated in the building of the famous road.

EWillys has several photos and posts about the building of the highway, including this 1944 article by Herbert Lanks about a jeep trip up the new highway.

You may enjoy this humorous introduction to the museum (that includes the jeep):

Here are some still photos of the jeep:



I can’t wait to see this sign some day:


5 Comments on “Alaska Highway Museum Dawson Creek, Canada

  1. Craig

    If that’s the original jeep displayed, then the windshield was replaced at some point. It’s a CJ2A windshield!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I agree Craig. . . . And yesterday I just had a comment-conversation about the inaccuracy of jeeps in museums! I got too busy assembling this post and forgot to check out the jeep more closely.

  3. Bob O

    Craig is right. A CJ with add-ons on right side, tool box ect. To the museums credit ,they did create an excellent diorama.

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