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Charles Finds Some Unusual Photos

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Charles forwarded an interesting collection of photos with rare implements or oddities:





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10 Comments on “Charles Finds Some Unusual Photos

  1. Chris

    I purchased an identical loader(top pic) this past spring. Does anyone know who or when these loaders were produced?

  2. hugh

    I drive a fork lift for a living that fork jeep is neat but sure couldnt lift anything heavy. pneumatic tires and no counter weight, the capacity wouldnt be 500 pounds its really neat though.

  3. Bob

    I think the loader is a Mahl loader. there is some info out there on them.

    I agree on the tow motor. Not a real workhorse but it’d be cool to have!

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    The Mahl loader is a little different. Here is a brochure on it:

    Here’s a Baldwin loader (not the one above either):

    The is a Jeep-a-loader example:

    An unknown model example:


    Chris, can you send me some pics of what you have ( I’d like to share with readers to see if they can recognize it. I can search through some of my old equipment docs to see if I have it as well.

    – Dave

  5. Doug in Ohio

    The loader definitely lifts a lot higher than other farm loaders of that era.Most on a farm tractor would lift and dump onto the truck bed, but not high enough to dump over top of the side racks on a truck like the loader pictured.I like the jeep wrecker photos as well.Is that a hand operated winch on the wrecker jeep in the seventh pic down?

  6. John Hartman

    Hi Chris, maybe this is of no help. Ford tractor loaders of that era seem to me to have a thousand different configurations, 9n, 8n. I’m thinking do a search there to find different manufacturers of tractor loaders. Just a suggestion.
    Then again, that looks so homemade you may have that one.


  7. luis v.

    Does anyone now how to do the 4 wheel steering or have the schematics for the 4 wheel steering on the ma?… i want to do that to my m38a1.

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