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3 Model Jeeps Chicago, IL

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These three jeep models are sold by the same seller. I particularly like the Bushwacker jeep with its Desert Dogs, Hurricane Rims, and Military parts. Quite a mix!

1. Bottoms Up $45

“Stock or Funny car. 2 engines, enclosed cab with opening doors, Hoist, tow hitch, drag slicks, mud tires. Lots of extras. opened”



2. Jeep Grumbler $25:



3. Bushwhacker $30:

“Custom or Military. 50 cal. machine gun, 105 recoilless rifle, walkie-talkie, small arms, stretcher. Sealed inside.”



3 Comments on “3 Model Jeeps Chicago, IL

  1. Iowa Steve

    Now why didn’t I think of that. Put a v-8 in back and back power the system through the pto…………

  2. Blaine

    I got the “Bottoms up” when I was a young teen. I built it as stock and used the leftover tube frame and parts to build a streetable hotrod cj2a. The 2a body I made from cereal box cardboard and Elmer”s glue. Dave, this is the one you saw in Tacoma.

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