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When Jeeps are a Blast

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Let’s end the year on this cheery note. This article discussed the usefulness of jeeps following atomic bomb attacks and other, more natural disasters. It filled two pages of the June 1955 issue of Willys News. Given the ‘blast’ artistry in the middle of the article, it didn’t reformat for the web as easily as most articles.


1955-06-willys-news-pg4-5-photo7 1955-06-willys-news-pg4-5-photo6

1955-06-willys-news-pg4-5-photo5 1955-06-willys-news-pg4-5-photo4 1955-06-willys-news-pg4-5-photo3 1955-06-willys-news-pg4-5-photo2 1955-06-willys-news-pg4-5-photo1


2 Comments on “When Jeeps are a Blast

  1. Doug

    I worked at the Nevada Test Site from 1990 to 2000 and the Director of our Radioactive Waste Management Division was at the NTS during the early testing days. He related a story about how some of the Jeeps got too contaminated during the atmospheric tests to be cleaned and were sent to the low-level waste burial site for disposal. He later saw those same Jeeps being used at the nearby Area 51 location on what is now the Nellis Air Force Base. I have no idea if this is true but it is a good story.

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