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Rancho Cordova Flat Fender Builder

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In 2010, Chris commented that a retired Ford Mechanic in Rancho Cordova, CA, built about 40 flatfenders.  I believe he’s responsible for a variety of jeeps I call the “California Modded” jeeps.  They often have an expanded windshield, implement a Muller Top, and have a lip added on the rear wheel wells.

Does anyone know the name of this mechanic or have any other information about him?

Here was Chris’ comment from this post:

There was a retired Ford mechanic in Rancho Cordova, Ca. that was building flatfenders for a while as a hobby. Back in the early 90′s he had built closed to 40. When he picked up a willys that didn’t have a a good windshield,the large windshield is what he put on. He has since passed away.


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