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Scheneker Snowplow Bristol, RI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $275.

Here’s a vintage Scheneker Snowplow at a good price.

“Complete 7′ snow plow off Willys CJ-2A Jeep. Includes the complete blade with skids, upper frame, lower frame, pump, hose, and pump mounting bracket. Works good. It is a nice design that includes braces for the Jeep frame and an easily removable lower frame to improve ground clearance. A small piece of the cutting edge is broken off on one side. The blade was a 6′ and was widened to 7′ many years ago. It could be easily cut back to 6′, but my Jeep pushes it fine. The pump originally mounted on top of the generator on the motor, but I made 2 brackets to attach to the original flathead motor or a Jeep Dauntless V-6. One of these with it if you need it. The unit was made by Scheneker Iron Works.”

schenecker-snowplow1 schenecker-snowplow2 schenecker-snowplow3



5 Comments on “Scheneker Snowplow Bristol, RI **SOLD**

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Looks like this sold. I’ve updated the post. I don’t see any other plows listed close by at this time.

    – Dave

  2. Lisa Vriesen

    My grandfather was Michael Scheneker, owner of Scheneker Iron Works. I was thrilled to see some of his work still in circulation. Would love to know of any other Scheneker Iron Works items available for sale.

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Lisa,

    I don’t know of any Scheneker items for sale right now. However, I have a variety of digitized brochures that show the range of products offered. I’ll email you about this directly.

    – Dave

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