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1958 FC-170 Denver, CO eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available

(10/19/2014) Nice looking FC.

“Good luck trying to find another one like this. Even a project! RARE RARE RARE. This is the 170 model that has the larger 6 cylinder motor in it. Unlike the FC150, this will do 50 MPH and is a blast to drive.”

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4 Comments on “1958 FC-170 Denver, CO eBay

  1. Bob

    Interesting, yes.
    But it is far from a restoration. The frame has “make do” repairs above the front axle, Bed liner interior and back of cab, trailer fenders on rear, and the bed is pretty but does not look like it would stand up to being used daily.
    The engine looks like it has been “rebuilt” with a can of paint, and is missing at least the air cleaner.
    It must have been a tired old wreck that somebody is hoping will sell for way too much. I am sure it looks like half as good in person.

  2. Bob

    Hmm, I don’t think that was me commenting back in october, but if it was, I was certainly correct about this truck. The frame is very badly patched and the engine looks untouched.

  3. Blaine

    How do you tell if a salesman is lying? His lips are moving. This Jeep never had any rust? Then why are the rear cab corners short?

  4. Reggie

    Okay, that comment in October was me, can’t quite remember why I put Bob in there.
    I feel bad thinking that any FC is a POS.
    The same day or there about, I sent a question through ebay to the seller. I asked about the obvious problems with the truck. Never heard back from them.
    They appear to be professional turd polishers.

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