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Rat Patrol Actor Hurt During Filming

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This 1967 article out of the Quebec Telegraph highlights a jeep accident during flaming that hurt star Christopher George of Rat Patrol.




9 Comments on “Rat Patrol Actor Hurt During Filming

  1. Mark S.

    Years ago, while on vacation, I traveled to Miami to look at a jeep for sale at a car dealership. The jeep was reported to have been used in the filming of The TV series. The dealer sold exotic cars, and claimed it had come from a muesum. There was no documentation, but the jeep was in good condition (non-running) and did have some modifications. The only one I remember was one to keep jeep from being turned to sharply to prevent roll-over. I think they wanted a couple of grand for it, but I did not pursue it because of logistics to get back to the midwest.

  2. mike

    Interesting story Mark, I remember watching this TV show as a kid, To this day, always wonder what happened to these semi famous TV vehicles. The big name vehicles always have a big price, but the lesser known vehicles just seem to drop out of sight.

  3. frank

    If you look up Christopher George on Wikipedia, you will find that he apparently died years later of injuries he received in this accident.

  4. NPD811

    I too had a Rat Patrol ‘brush with a celebrity’. I was a Deputy Sheriff from 1979 – 1981 in upstate Chenango County, NY. I stopped a speeding car and once pulled over found the inspection was also out of date. I gave the guy a break for speeding and just wrote the Bad Inspection ticket.
    The driver: Lawrence P Casey. I was a big Rat Patrol fan, and had I known who he was, would have sent him on his way. I found out who I wrote when the Sgt was reviewing the road patrol work at the end of shift.

  5. Mark

    I loved Rat Patrol as a kid and recently watching it on Netflix. It was a hoot to watch because of the fact that 4 guys in 2 Jeeps could beat the entire German army, and all of the Jeep inconsisties that I noticed on the show.

  6. Marybeth

    The jeep accident occurred filming the jumps used in the openings of every episode. That’s the reason observant viewers notice that it’s the same Jeep twice.

  7. leon seva

    After just now watching the beginning of the episode “The Darers goes First Raid”, I had to search “how many stuntmen got hurt on the Rat Patrol?” and this article popped up. I looks like it was extremely dangerous tv show to produce… looks like their heads and necks were going all over the place. Must of been fun, too.

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