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Australian Review of the 1958 CJ-3B

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The August 11, 1958, issue of the Sydney Morning Herald featured a long review of the CJ-3B, whose parts were imported into Australia and then assembled there. You can review the article at Google news as it original appeared or read my re-arranged version (for space purposes) below. The reviewer’s biggest complaint was due to the way the jeep is converted from left to right-hand drive, leaving the gearshift to the left of the transfer case shifters.



From the August 11, 1958 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald Page 5.



2 Comments on “Australian Review of the 1958 CJ-3B

  1. Bob

    There’s a guy on the 3b page from Australia right now showing his and talking about it. He said there is an issue with the fuel tank too and also that there is a box on top of the fuel tank. They left most of the switches and such in place from the left hand drive versions which is funny to see.

  2. JW

    I’ve been driving a RHD Jeep to work every day and don’t have an issue with the gear shift to the left of the transfer/HL levers. Of course my gauges and knobs and such are in the correct place for a RHD vehicle. I can see how that would be annoying.

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