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Jay’s Race Jeep Rebuild in Phoenix

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jay-lewton-racing-jeep2Jay Lewton is rebuilding his grandfather’s racing jeep. He’s looking for a few hard-to-find parts.

My grandpa and Dad owned Lewton’s Jeep Sales and service from 1952 until 1989 when chrysler took over. My dad still has the shop and now does minor repairs and vintage jeep service work. The jeep I am restoring is my grandpas 1948 Willys race jeep. He raced this at Tri County 4 Wheelers, which he and 13 friends started in 1963 in Lisbon Ohio. I am now the proud owner of the jeep and trying to find the same rims and tires he used to run. 15×10 5 slot rims and Formula Desert Dog Tires 31×10.50 r 15. Luckily I still have the rims for the paddle tires but along the way I am not sure what happened to the aluminum rims. My dad tossed the Desert dogs about 10 years ago because they were falling apart.

I am looking for some Desert Dog tires and alumuinum rims. I am also looking for a 3a or 3b frame because of the many years of offroad racing the frame on the jeep has gotten week and stressed and I would much rather put another frame under it to make it safe if I decide to show or run the jeep again.

I am including a picture of my grandpa in his jeep from the early 90’s when he was still racing. Any help in searching for these parts would be greatly appreciated. I am lucky to finally add this Jeep to my Jeep collection here in Phoenix Az where I live now.


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  1. Lee Hill

    I still have a few Desert Dogs left even after all these years ! Contact me if you’re interested …

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