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1944 MB/GPW Oakridge, OR $7500

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UPDATE: Still Available

(11/12/2014) It’s been in the family for a while.

“It is not a stock motor… I do know it’s a V6. I have the top frame.. Seen in the photos leaning next to the jeep on the right.

The radiator hose is off and the fan is off. It needs a battery and fan belt, radiator hoses. Plus it looks like the passenger side wheel bearing is leaking and needs repaired.

My dad had a mechanic working on it. My dad past away. The mechanic told me he did get it running. I am not able to check it myself.

One side is cracked on the windshield. I am asking $7500. I will accept the best offer I get.

It is located in Oakridge. It is inside out of the weather. It has been kept inside
since my dad got it over 40 years ago.

If you’d like to make an appointment to take a look you can reach me on my cell. I will return your call if you leave a message.”



8 Comments on “1944 MB/GPW Oakridge, OR $7500

  1. andy

    Its a nice jeep overall, except for the wrong engine. The jeep has gone thru a rebuild back in the day….The body steering mount and sides are different from traditional MB bodys. Also has civilian drain holes, boxy trans hump, smaller Ford style toolbox lock indents,…all stock.
    I have one of these bodys, and so do a few other people in the country.
    The opinion among some ‘experts’ is that is was a small gov’t contractor rebuilding these jeeps for a time in the 50’s or 60’s for unknown reasons using their own panels or complete body.. Definately a small batch with these features, maybe less than 100.
    The seller is flexible on the price, I almost bought it, were it not for the shipping. I got plenty of pics, there is no rust, just the odd features that may scare some buyers as being homemade..

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I don’t remember why I labeled it an MB, but it didn’t seem a pure GPW to me. As Andy noted it was rebuilt at some point anyway and might be of interest to collectors of unusual WWII jeeps.

  3. Brian

    Definitely has GPW features and early ones at that. The middle data plate is the later type but the outside ones appear to be the early brass. Would be curious to know what number is stamped on frame. The very early Fords did use a Willys frame but not the 44s.

  4. shogan

    That middle plate may be a later repro. Certainly looks like the repro’s I have on my ’43. My origs are brass.

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