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Hoptown Pizza’s Story

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Mark’s son Tom Smith has just authored a great article at about the Hoptown Pizza story. You can read it here:

You might remember when I published a brief story about the owners last October when my wife happened upon them at a farmers market. At the time they thought their truck was cute, but didn’t realize it was called an FC Jeep. So my wife, now being an FC ‘expert’, explained what they owned. I do love my wife!

BTW, Ann says their pizza was great. As part of an email exchange I suggested  they try to make it to the FC Roundup this year.



One comment on “Hoptown Pizza’s Story

  1. Steve E.

    ..and another FC-150 owned by a pizza expert. There must be some common attraction.

    This beautiful FC-150 was for sale two years ago at the ATHS National Convention in Yakima, WA. I was wondering if it sold. It’s good to see that it stayed local. Great story!

    **Steve E.**

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