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Pre-Jeep: The Belly Flopper

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I didn’t know this early Belly Flopper was still around. It’s housed at the National Infantry Museum and Soldiers Center in Columbus, Georgia.

Read more about it at Foxtrot Alpha


This great photo was taken as part of Dick ‘n Debbie’s Travels.




6 Comments on “Pre-Jeep: The Belly Flopper

  1. Bill

    I’m sorry, but the description says front drive, both the photos and the mechanical drawing shows a chain driving the rear wheels from a mid located differential with axle stubs to cogs. If there is a shaft to the front axle I don’t see it. This might have beat out the jeep had they put a suspension under it and normal seating and controls. Basically it would have been a VW with a water cooled power plant

  2. Iowa Steve

    That is nothing, I have been at Mt Rushmore museum and learned the declaration of Independence says “pursuit of life, liberty and social justice.”

  3. Iowa Steve

    Didn’t know this still existed. Restoration still has the same creases as the photo.

    A real emphasis on the low profile concept. was carried over some to the jeep but other than in shipping, I don’t remember seeing many jeeps in the war with the windshield laid down?

  4. Doug In Ohio

    Bill,I see the same as you in those drawings and in the pics.,a differential ahead of the rear wheels with a chain driving the rear wheels.

  5. Bill

    Must have been a real crazy thing to drive – now we see where the gas peddle is – between the clutch and brake. Image laying on your stomach working pedals, this bad enough, but to have them not in the same order that a driver was used to

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