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1942 GPW Phoenicia, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a rare reconditioned GPW by Higgins. Only 1,850 jeeps were reconditioned by Higgins Plastic Corporation.


For your consideration, a 1942 Ford GPW with mostly original paint and markings. Has peeling red house paint over the olive drab, which in my opinion could probably be mostly removed with a scraper.

Serial #73528, has a civilian engine and t90 transmission installed.

Overall, a nice jeep to restore back to its former glory. Mostly original condition, I have removed an angle iron front bumper, and replaced it with a repro set of gussetts and bumper. Front frame is in pretty good shape, with no welding or cracks.

Body needs work in the rear floor and the drivers side front. The rear has some small holes where the wheel wells meet the floor. The drivers side has a six inch hole in the floor and some holes in the gas tank sump. The passengers side floor is quite good compared to the other side. I will add some pics of the floors later in the auction.

Jeep has been rebuilt by the Higgins Co. in January 1945 according to the brass dashboard plaque.

Unfortunately missing the the middle data plate on the glovebox. Comes with four combat wheels, and one civilian rim. Nice original seats, with worn out original cushions.

If you are looking for a jeep to restore that has not been modified extensively, than this is the one for you. These days, mostly all the jeeps from this era have been reworked at least a couple times. This GPW has all original paint, markings on the dash, hood numbers clearly visible, and alot of the hard to find “F” marked acessories still intact. Has been with one owner since being surpluses.”


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