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1945 GPW Shrewsbury, MA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Jeep has a front-end shimmy.

“Jeep is fantastic shape and ready to drive this summer. The one issue is if you hit a bad pot-hole it can get a front end shimmy that requires you to slow until it goes away.
If not for this issue I would have priced the vehicle MUCH higher, but am being honest and reducing the reserve price more than enough to fix it if desired.
A fix is not mandatory, you can drive for years as is, just making sure any possible buyer is aware of this issue. It’s the only issue with the jeep, everything else is great.
It normally drives smooth as can be.”

1945-gpw-shrewsbury-ma1 1945-gpw-shrewsbury-ma3 1945-gpw-shrewsbury-ma4



6 Comments on “1945 GPW Shrewsbury, MA **SOLD**

  1. Idaho Todd

    Pretty honest seller. That shimmy is also known as the “death wobble”. It is, unfortunately, common on many straight axle vehicles. Even brand new trucks and jk’s. It has something to do with the geometry of the front ends.

  2. shogan

    Object is don’t hit a pothole. I have one of these plus a hardtail shovelhead. You always look 60 ft ahead and all is well.

  3. Minnesota Chris

    Watch your kidneys with that hardtail. Wonder how bad that front end shimmy is in the jeep

  4. shogan

    Well let’s just say you might be singing the song “Shimmy Shimmy KoKo Bop” as you ride along.

  5. gary

    Does anyone have any idea what causes this shimmy? Could this be a sign of an expensive fix?

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