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Never installed M-151 Motor San Diego, CA $4500


I don’t know how rare these are, but I imagine there can’t be too many left.

“I have an M151 engine and Zenith carb. Which I believe have never been installed. The fellow I got it from uncrated it (nooooooooo!) a couple of years ago. Notice the picture of the valve and the original green ord. oil filter.”



2 Comments on “Never installed M-151 Motor San Diego, CA $4500

  1. Steve E.

    I found a guy last week with nine M-151 engines and transmissions that he wants to sell in CA, 150 miles North of Sacramento. If anyone is interested in these, make a comment with your E-mail or phone number and I’ll connect you with the owner. He would sell them all at a packaged price.

    Someone was going to build a golf course and use these engines for all the maintenance vehicles. The engines were all rebuilt and ready to use at the time. They have been sitting for a long time.

    My friend who found these for me thought that they were F4-134 engines. These mutt engines are not my vintage. He has all kinds of other good stuff, too: A complete FC-150 in poor condition, a 2WD ’48 Willys Wagon in poor condition, a CJ-6 body and frame in poor condition. He has other restorable vehicles, but they aren’t Willys. He also has four chain driven military stationary winches. They would be excellent to mount behind the cab of a 2T truck or a car hauler. I have a few photos for anyone interested.

    **Steve E.**

  2. TooHigh

    many left. I have 3 myself. I use to know a guy had hundreds. $125 each pullouts with tranny

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