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1942 MB Alden, NY $29,000


No explanation provided for the signatures on the hood’s underside.

“1942 willys ground up restoration every thing cleaned , replaced and painted must see no dreamer price NOT negotiable see pictures.over of restoration.we can send more.”

1942-mb-alden-ny1 1942-mb-alden-ny2 1942-mb-alden-ny3 1942-mb-alden-ny4


5 Comments on “1942 MB Alden, NY $29,000

  1. Jeepjtrucks

    This Shore Patrol jeep has been on here a couple of times, going back to 2011 & 2012 at a price of $17000.00.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Well, if at first it doesn’t sell, raise the price. I found the old post and deleted it. Thanks!

  3. Craig

    Unbelievable what some of these so called jeep guys expect to get for incorrect restorations. No reflectors, wrong wheels, late steering wheel. etc. At that price, my 94% correct slatgrille* must be worth 35k! (*As judged at the 2011 MVPA convention in Dayton, OH)

  4. Muskrat

    I saw this jeep awhile back on the Keizer Willys sight. The signatures under the hood are veteran’s (WWII mostly if I recall) This was done as a rolling tribute. I’m surprised to see it for sale.

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