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1966 M-606 Big Island, Hawaii **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000.

This has a tool indent on the passenger side, a military tank, and no WILLYS stamps. Sure looks like a M-606. I didn’t know they installed V-6s in them? The jeep has a few other updates.

“1966 Jeep CJ3B. This is a very rare military version classified as an M606 with factory 225 V6. It does not have any Willy’s stampings on body because it was built after Willys was sold out.

The chassis has been completely redone. Everything has been powder coated and rebuilt.
Factory rear Dana 44 with a newer open knuckle Dana 30 front. Front and rear have 427 gears. Rear has a power lock. Front has a Detroit locker. All new bearings and seals.
T90 transmission & Dana 18 with heavy duty case.
Transmission and transfer case have been completely rebuilt. Transfer case has a Teralow gear kit.
Brand new center force clutch (hydraulic). Brake and clutch assembly have been modified to a hanging pedal assembly.All new suspension. Brand new power steering box.
225 V6 has been rebuilt. Brand new alternator, headers, starter, electric fan and misc.
Brand new seats and tires. 2500 miles on Jeep. ”

1966-cj3b-hawaii1 1966-cj3b-hawaii2 1966-cj3b-hawaii3 1966-cj3b-hawaii4


6 Comments on “1966 M-606 Big Island, Hawaii **SOLD**

  1. Bob

    It very well could be an M606, I’m not sure they came with tool indents, and I’m almost positive (99.9%) sure they never came with a v6, but it was a popular swap in the day. It does have the venting windshield which is rare.

  2. Idaho Todd

    Cj3bs started to lose their willys stamping in late ’63. No dauntless in a cj3b that I know of, but how cool would that be. Dave, don’t hit me, but I’ve never seen a high hood of any origin with an indent on either side. Wipers should be on the bottom of glass unless it is a venting windshield. The dash is way off. I don’t think we should go into the details or its going to get messy. What this jeep is is a very well done modified and I think that’s the direction it should go. It will be happier there.

  3. mmdeilers Post author


    No hitting necessary. I was doing some research into that indent last night. What I found curious is that I only have a three 1966 CJ-3Bs that show the passenger side clearly. All of them have the indent. I don’t think that is a coincidence.

    1. There is the one above.
    2. There is this one
    3. And this one
    4. This is a project with a poor pic, but I think I see an indent in it, too:

    According to NADA (not that I trust them all that much), but a six cylinder was an option for the 1966 CJ-3B×4

    I just can’t find enough information about the 1966 CJ-3B or M-606 to make a conclusive statement about the indent or the engine. There was supposed to have been 5459 CJ-3Bs made in ’66, twice as many as the 2,847 made in 1965. Yet, I have more examples of the ’65 in my database than I do of the ’66.

  4. Idaho Todd

    I’m with you, Dave. I’ve been researching this morning after stating my reply. Here’s what I’ve got; (1) after looking at several “indent” 3b’s, I think we can conclude that any indented 3b is an aftermarket tub or built for export. There are a lot of tale-tales (dash, firewall, etc.) that showed me to draw this conclusion. (2) Nada also says there is an option for a v-8. Haven’t seen any of those either. But heck, I’ve never seen Bigfoot, but that
    doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist! I hope for both! After 1965, it’s hard to say. Most, if not all of remaining 3b production went to export, from what I’ve read. It’s very hard to be definite on a lot of jeep facts. Who the heck was writing all of this stuff down 50 years ago?! I do still have dreams of running into a retired corporate guy that worked all facets at willys and kaiser and can answer any and all questions, with certainty, over a nice sub sandwich! Oooo, goosebumps!

  5. Derek Redmond

    Any CJ-3B tub with tool indents is a repro or a Mitsubishi. And no CJ-3B’s had factory-installed V6, although some dealers did them very neatly. They certainly wouldn’t put one in an M606 which was a cheap, barebones but heavy duty Jeep for overseas military aid.

    This is a nice Jeep but with extensive modifications and very little left to suggest it was an M606. It does appear to have the pintle hook in the rear. You could check for the 10-leaf springs. Doesn’t look to me like it has the ventilating windshield, which was normally seen on the M606 although it was not listed by Kaiser as part of the M606 specs.


    The passenger side tool indents were produced on the M606 models for export by Mahindra and Mitsubishi; not sure if the Willys version had them as well? Google the “alliance for progress” program for the M606 and there is more information on them. My understanding is most of them never made it back to the states. But with Hawaii having so many military bases its posssible a service member imported one back and customized it the way they liked. I can say for sure none of the M606’s came with the V6. engine.

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