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1 MB/GPW & 2 CJ-2As Rochester, MN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000

“Up for sale today are 3 1940’s vintage willy jeep cj2as. Two are complete, one is taken apart, but is all there. The green one runs and drives probably needs a tune up, gas tank has been lined and fuel system flushed has tow bar used behind motor home very good body, frame excellent. Red one; clutch is bad other than that it is good, body solid some rust frame excellent. Third one is in pieces and we have all of the parts solid drive train, frame. All go devil four cylinder engines. Thanks for your interest. I believe we have at least one title.”

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11 Comments on “1 MB/GPW & 2 CJ-2As Rochester, MN **SOLD**

  1. craig

    windshield on military jeep looks taller than usual, with extra cross bar and panel above the rifle mount…have not seen this before…any ideas about it ?

  2. Doug in Ohio

    Craig,in the late 1970’s I bought a full soft top from Sears out of their jeep parts catalog.It came with an extension to go on top of the windshield of my GPW.That way the cj2a top would fit an MBA Or GPW.It is still on the windshield until I actually start my restoration.Who knows if that was the reason this windshield is altered.Dave is right,more pics of the WW2 jeep would be nice.That jeep has all the seats,fuel tank,and many parts still on it.It could be a very good jeep especially if it is original engine and trans.If the owner pulled it behind a motorhome,he may have a title.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Doug, I didn’t know Sears offered an extension that went on the top. I’ve seem some of those on windshields, but assumed they were all custom.

    Craig, that sure is an odd addition to the windshield. I can’t remember seeing that mod. It looks like it may now be the height of a 2A windshield.

  4. Doug in Ohio

    Dave,I will try to send pics of my windshield extension soon.I wish I still had the Sears jeep parts and accessories catalog.It would be fun to look at.

  5. Roger Martin south west Ohio

    I have the Sears jeep parts and accessories catalog I bought in 1976 that I used to buy parts for my 1946 CJ2A that I still have.

  6. Doug in Ohio

    Roger, that’s so cool!And my GPW that I still have was the first car that I bought back in 1979.It was in pieces and incomplete.I had it together back then.Now I am working on restoring it with the correct parts.I am in Nortwest Ohio so we are close in the E-Willys world!:)

  7. Roger Martin south west Ohio

    Doug I would like to have a GPW. I do have a GPW engine and other GPW and MB parts. I am south east of Dayton, Ohio.

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