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1956 CJ-6 Dolores, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD** for $4000.

Sure looks like a solid, stock CJ-6.

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1956-cj6-dolores-co1 1956-cj6-dolores-co2 1956-cj6-dolores-co3 1956-cj6-dolores-co4

“956 jeep cj-6. Body in extremely great condition for the age of this little guy. There is no rust on the frame, body, or axles that I can find. In the pictures that is a tiny bit of mud underneath. The body is solid.  The frame is solid.If you are looking for a  good body this is it. The compartment under the seat is rust free and snaps down just as it should. The glove box is missing and it needs the little latch. I have a clear Colorado title. The tires are 90% and in great shape.

The transmission is a 3 speed and it shifts just fine and does NOT jump out of any gear, it is tight. The t-case shifts great also. There is the typical seepage on the transmission and transfer case. Has some old school locking hubs on it. I have a master cylinder coming to see if I can get the brakes working, I will update. The seats are in good shape but I don’t think they are original, there has been welding on the frame. The lights work. It smokes out the tailpipe, but has no blowby,it looks like the little guy on the peanuts gang the one that drags his blanket around. It sat in storage for a long time so I think the oil control rings may be stuck. I pulled the valve cover because the engine was ticking and it needs a new rocker arm assembly, but it still runs good.

The carburetor is new. The charging system works and is 12 volt. The drive shafts only have a little bit of play in them. The windshield has a crack from top to bottom in the middle. I live in Dolores, Colorado, in the southwest corner of the state. In the pictures you may notice some black stuff stuck to the side in front of the rear tires, it had magnetic sticker on and they adhered to the side but it will peel off. I bought it because I wanted to put a different engine, axles, and transmission in it but it should be left stock with the shape it is in. It is not a military jeep.Thanks for looking.”


4 Comments on “1956 CJ-6 Dolores, CO **SOLD**

  1. Tom Perkins

    Hi Dave, I have started to take notice of the CJ6. Especially the half cabs. But since all I have driven for the last 30+ years is a fj55 I don’t know much about the model. Is there anything in particular to watch for in the CJ6 or is it just the same issues with any old vehicle? Thanks, Tom

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    I don’t know of any particular issues unique to the CJ-6. Due to the longer tub, there are more potential rust spots, but other than that you’ll face the same issues you’d face with a CJ-5. The CJ-6 above looks like a good jeep that will shine with some new paint.

    – Dave

  3. Idaho Todd

    These cj6’s are getting so hard to find in this good of shape. The listing said it sold for 4k. I think that was a pretty good deal. You just don’t see these around every corner any more, especially this nice.

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