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1957 FC-150 Roseburg, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Seller provides LOTS of information.





“Up for sale is a 1957 Jeep FC 150 (serial number: 6554810262)

This Jeep lived the majority of its life on a farm and ranch in the Northern California region of the United States until an older gentlemen finally convinced the rancher to sell it to him after many years of trying. Unable to devote the needed energy and time to put this tough looking creature back on the road, he handed over the keys to his nephew. The young man began a cosmetic restoration of sorts and brought the FC back to a running condition to be used in various parades and car shows.

Realizing that the little Jeep deserved more, he put it up for sale in a partially disassembled condition, which is where I come in to the story. In October of 2014 after negotiating with the young man over the phone, I drove to Northern California from my home in Southern Oregon and proudly returned with this Jeep inside of our car trailer. This began a four month long process of repair and light restoration to bring it to the fantastic condition it is in today. This is a running, driving, reliable Jeep that is happy to buzz down the highway, idle through parades and car shows, or make quick runs about town. To protect the originality as much as possible, I have attempted to make only careful repairs so as to not lose that feeling of driving what Jeep intended in with this early production model.

The speedometer (which is working) shows just over 36,000 miles, which is plausible due to the wonderful condition of our FC, but impossible to verify with the information I was able to gather through the California DMV. This has not been restored, just freshened up both mechanically and cosmetically. So despite the long list of work that I will describe, she is merely an honest and solid driver that will take you next to anywhere with some old Northern California mud splatters in the frame rails (if you look hard enough) to prove it. I love this Jeep!!!


-134 cubic inch “F” head “Hurricane” four cylinder engine. 72 angry horsepower and 112 foot-pounds of torque.
-Warner T90 three speed manual transmission.
-Spicer 18 two speed transfer case.
-Dana 25 front differential with 5.38 gearing.
-Dana 44 rear differential with 5.38 gearing.
-“Narrow track” suspension with springs placed under the frame rails.
-Deluxe cab originally equipped with a heater, arm rests, and dual sun visors.
-Factory weight pack located under the rear of the bed to avoid those awkward tipping moments.

Bringing the Jeep back to life: Just some of the highlights of what has been done!

-New Mudstar 31×10.50R15 radial tires mounted on after-market steel wheels.
-A fabricated heavy-gauge steel gas tank has been fitted to replace the destroyed original. The piece was built to matching appearance and specifications to the original to include the working fuel level sender.
-Original seats re-covered in synthetic camo fabric for weather and dirt resistance.
-A new front windshield and rubber seal were sourced in Pennsylvania and professionally installed.
-Reproduction exhaust installed.
-New door seals and glass channels were installed to help seal out the elements.
-New driver’s door window was cut to specifications and installed.
-Converted to 12 volt electrical system for reliability and easy starting.
-New 12 volt battery, head lights, turn signals, and tail lights.
-Converted to 55 amp alternator for safe operations after dark and reliable lighting.
-Re-wired with modern (safe) wiring of the proper gauge for each system.
-New Radiator
-New belts and hoses for both the motor and the heating system.
-Shocks replaced with new, year-specific units.
-Full tune up, new plugs, wires, coil, cap, rotor, condenser, and fuel filter, timing set and carb adjusted to start, idle, and run reliably during those parades. (**Coil has been replaced with new after pictures were taken.)
-Currently registered in the state of Oregon through 2018.
-Passenger side floor board rust removed and replaced with new metal.
-Rust repaired in right side rear cab corner, multiple dents fixed, and rusted areas replaced with new metal where needed.
-Replacement defroster ducts inside cab.
-Matching- type spare.
-New custom floor mats produced by an expert in the FC restoration field.
-Replacement dash decals produced by an expert in the FC restoration field.
-Reproduction steering wheel on order. (**Will be installed and/or included in sale.)
-Reproduction arm rest upholstery on order. (**Will be installed and/or included in sale.)
-Reproduction front fender flares.
-Complete lubrication service which included inspection of the gear boxes, steering system, and brakes.

There are countless other projects that have been accomplished in the last four months to get this old Jeep ready for the summer car show season, however a few additional projects could be addressed. The original wiper system is missing the dash switch and is functional but it does run weak.
A conversion to a reproduction electrical unit would be highly recommended, as would the replacement of the temperature gauge and charging indicators which appear to be in-operative. This was a hard-working ranch truck for many years, therefore there are countless minor imperfections throughout the vehicle that add character and would be lost forever during a complete frame-off restoration.

I believe we have created the perfect balance between originality, reliability, looks, and performance with this Jeep and would be remiss in a full restoration. That being said, this FC 150 would be an excellent candidate for a full disassembly and museum-quality restoration if that is what you desire. Otherwise, I would strongly encourage you to purchase this old Jeep and drive the wheels off of it this summer. Help prove that these old FC’s never die and show the younger generation what the four wheel drive “lifestyle” actually was like in the 1950’s.”


6 Comments on “1957 FC-150 Roseburg, OR **SOLD**

  1. Tim Swenson

    Hello all, I am the owner of this FC 150 that is currently listed on eBay. Firstly, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for posting this little Jeep on your web page and the wonderful comments the readers have made so far. Since I had to refer to this site many times in the past four months, I consider getting posted on it a fantastic honor. Second, I would like to express my gratitude to the many folks that have helped to get this FC back on the road and looking respectable, most notably Walck’s Jeep Parts, Dennis Bokemeier, and Craig Brockhaus to name a few. When contacted, these guys went way out of their way to help a novice FC owner, and I cannot express my appreciation enough. I have worked through many genres of classic cars, and never have I met such an open and friendly group as the old Jeep and Willy’s enthusiasts.

    As for the bumper guards, that is a great catch! They are mounted the way that we found the truck in October, and I had not noticed that they had been turned over at some point in life. I had been looking for a solid FC 150 for a family member and had passed on several over the past several years when I came across this one. I snagged it at the first chance I had (despite some electrical issues, rust, and cab damage (among many other things) that needed to be fixed and brought it back to Oregon. After getting the Jeep out of the body shop and mechanically well-sorted, the family member tells me he has changed his mind. Needless to say, now I have a squared away FC that needs a new home.

    If I can answer any questions to potential buyers, please don’t hesitate to email me. And once again, thank you all for including me into the community. – Tim

  2. Tim in Roseburg


    I needed to take as much of the “guess work” out of the equation for the originally intended owner so he could just enjoy and tinker with it occasionally. Dave is correct, I still haven’t found a home for it yet, so it went back on eBay at no reserve yesterday.


  3. David Eilers


    Since I haven’t seen this relisted lately, I believe this sold. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

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