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Swiss Inspection Jeep

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Paul spotted this unique Inspection Willys Jeep Truck at Just a Car Guy’s blog. I would guess this was sold as a truck with no bed. What’s odd is the extra cab thing on the top. Looks like it was part of another vehicle.



4 Comments on “Swiss Inspection Jeep

  1. Idaho Todd

    Check out those awesome spinners. They must let a guy quick change back to tires that are stored in the back. That’s cool.

  2. John Hartman

    I’m thinking the guy driving inspects the rail and the guy in the top cab is looking at the trolley or catenary system for visible defects.


  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Here’s some more information direct from Switzerland:

    – the CFF on the door means ‘chemins de fer fédéraux’ = Federal Railways
    – behind the man it must be written ‘SBB’ (Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen) which means the same
    but in German…
    – I can confirm that the top cab serves for workers (2 of them, 1 to check the line made
    out of copper and the second the pantograph clearance), John is correct
    – the spinners were to help changing wheels rapidly as those vehicles were moved by road to a specific
    railway section for light maintenance, Todd is correct
    – the license plate starts with a ‘P’ for Post Office vehicles, as at the time the Railways and Post were
    both joint federal institutions…
    – up top are various ladders as well as various earthing poles

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