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CJ-3B, M-38A1, CJ-3A & More Southern Ohio

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1

This just appeared on Facebook. There appears to be a late model CJ-3B brush jeep, a CJ-3A, and a M-38A1. The dark 2A/3A is not for sale. There are supposed to be other parts as well. For those not on Facebook, the seller’s name is Barb watson number and her phone number is 513 304 0141

cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh03 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh02 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh01 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh0

cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh1 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh2 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh3 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh4 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh5


3 Comments on “CJ-3B, M-38A1, CJ-3A & More Southern Ohio

  1. Idaho Todd

    I like that 3b. It’s a ’62 or later. Looks like a large collection. Wonder how many parts…

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