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1967 M-151A1 Springfield, MO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Were $3450.

Looks like a good price. Runs and drives.


“1967 Ford M151A1 Vietnam era Military Jeep. Delivery date of 12-67. Initially procured and used by the US Army, later transferred to the US Navy and used by the United States Marine Corps. (I verified this through a recognized expert on this series of jeeps). Still has the USMC front bumper, different from the US Army setup.

Has the original data plate, serial number plate, and the body # plate. Numbers match, rare for these as most had the body plates removed as well as the serial number plates.

Transfer case allows use of 2WD or 4WD. Four cylinder gas engine. 4 Speed manual with reverse. Goes through all the gears fine.

Starts extremely well, runs great, goes anywhere. Independent suspension on all four wheels. Google it. Very reliable. All lights work, though the left headlight needs replacing. Still has the military blackout lights and blackout markers.

Brakes work, but likely need to be bled. Some damage to the body as you can see in the pics. A slight dent in right rear quarter panel, no biggie. Has rust through on the driver’s floor and two small holes in passenger floor, see pics, all easily repairable. Rest of the tub is quite solid, no rust under the tool box, and minimal under the battery area.

Stored inside last several years by me and the previous owner.

Has the later M151A2 windshield, and wiper setup, they work better than the earlier vacuum setup. Also has the late style fuel pump, definite improvement over early type. Windshield is cracked in upper right corner, these windshields are not hard to find. Tires are good, spare is included but does not have much tread left on it. Batteries are good, started right up on a couple of turns after the last cold spell. Vinyl top is serviceable, though it has three spots on top that have been patched. Rear window in the top will clean up, I have had it folded up and stored inside but it is dirty! Needs a good washing.

Missing the original military pintle hitch. Someone put a ball hitch on it. Easily put back, these hitches can be found for $25.00 to $50.00. Also missing the trailer light connecter on the back, these can be found for $15.00 and up. Missing the original oil pressure guage. An aftermarket one was installed years ago. I know the speedo works, but not sure about the rest of the guages. I will have to check.

Rear seat covers are canvas and are in nice shape. Both front seats are vinyl and are decent. The two seatbacks are one canvas, in decent shape, one vinyl, in decent shape.

Still has the early oval style rifle holder/mount for the M14 and M16 rifles, located in front of the passenger seat. Cool!

Includes the rear passenger seat, vinyl top, complete rollover protection system with all lap and shoulder seatbelts and nets for driver and passenger door areas, as well as the rear side areas, (ROPS, as installed on all of the later model M151 series jeeps). The ROPS isn’t technically “correct” for this early model, but makes a nice safety addition, especially in the hills around here. Also comes with passenger safety strap, spark plug wrench, Two tie down straps for shovel and axe, (not included, I dont have them), and operator’s manual. Has clear title.

These are the rarest of the military jeeps, as most were ordered crushed or otherwise cut up and demilitarized for scrap. This would be a good candidate for restoration and use for re-enactments, display, joy-rides, trail rides, or run it as is on the farm or for hunting, or whatever. The fact it is a verifiable USMC jeep adds to the collectability of it, as these were the rarest.

Though you don’t see these all that often, parts for them are VERY available on eBay and through many parts vendors. Most items are very cheap. Brand new vinyl tops can be bought on EBay right now for $63.00!

Price is $3450.00 or best. All unreasonable offers considered, but I am not desperate to sell, so extreme lowballers beware. I kinda’ like the little jeep! Partial trades for things that go boom and put meat on the table considered, though I am looking to sell outright. Make your best offer, I may take it.”



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