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DISAPPEARED: Fiberglass Drag Jeep Antelope, Oregon

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UPDATE: If you know anything about this, please contact me at and I will relay the information to Rodney.

Rodney’s custom drag jeep and trailer disappeared from his Eastern Oregon property three months ago. Unique to this rig is that it is a true four wheel drive drag jeep. Since the jeep was designed mostly for drag racing, he hopes people will keep a look out for it around the west.

Whomever absconded with it has likely painted it. Here are a few specs and photos:

“-small block chevy
-manual liberty 2 speed
-tilt fiberglass body
-quick change rearend
-tittanium brakes”

rodney-drag-jeep1 rodney-drag-jeep2 rodney-drag-jeep3



12 Comments on “DISAPPEARED: Fiberglass Drag Jeep Antelope, Oregon

  1. chris

    There was a yellow jeep close to what this one looked like it was four wheel drive! At the albay swap meet! 1-9-16

  2. adam

    HI there this jeep was at the albany swap meet for sale today it has been painted yellow. It has all the same stickers on the front bumper.

  3. David Eilers

    According to an email I just received, there are currently six civil lawsuits in courts pertaining Rodney’s stolen drag Jeep. If you have any information reguarding this matter please come forward to stop these thieves. email me for more info.

    – Dave

  4. rod

    It is the same jeep body. The goodies replaced with junk parts. They claim to have title for 1943. That’s been changed to. Still working on it. Thank u all for help and watch out for these thieves. Jean

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