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1942 MB Shipshewana, IN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

(03/29/2015)  “Description: For sale is a 1942 Willys MB, date of delivery 12-2-42. I brought it home and cleaned it up and thought about parading around after restoration, or even driving it the way it is because it looks evil. Then it hit me that I’m leaving for college in the fall and won’t have the time (or money) this Jeep deserves. I’m finishing up a full restoration now. After the beast survived the war, it was sold as surplus to a farmer in southern Indiana. He used it to pull and haul equipment from his lake house to the farm. Unfortunately it was never titled because there was never a reason to, but I will provide the past two bill of sales and make another highly informative one. The body is rough but savable and the floor is very solid. It has a 2A windshield and CJ rims. Mechanically it has a truck engine and T90 tranny; the engine/tranny is free and was told it last ran about 5 years ago. The frame is very solid and matches the body serial numbers. It has the full floating rear end and correct front end. On the hood the original military numbers are peeking out. This veteran is definitely a candidate for restoration or run it the way it is, there’s something special in a non-restored Jeep too. I hate to see it sitting around for years while I get on my feet and would rather see someone else enjoy it.

I also have a whole original MB front half body leftover from my restoration. The pieces are very solid and have a few little patches on them (inside). Both fenders have surface pitting that can be filled in, and I already filled in the hood. The hood is slightly warped down on the driver side and the grille has a slight bend on the end. On the fenders, the reinforcements aren’t rusted out like most others. As a whole, all these pieces are solid on the usual rotted out places and in great condition. I’d like to get $400 out of them, or would do some trading for an MB canvas top!”
















2 Comments on “1942 MB Shipshewana, IN **SOLD**

  1. Mike Rowley

    Hello Nick,

    Greetings from England.

    I’m very interested in your MB as a restoration project and have sorted out shipping, import, transportation to my workshop etc…

    HOWEVER, before it can leave the US it needs to have title!

    Is there any way you can get this or would it be possible for you to do it and I’ll pay any costs involved?

    It saves it being held up in a warehouse forever (basically) so we can get it back here and start work on it.



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