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1945 MB? Pensacola, FL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7995.

Those are some way-back seats, as in they are leaning way back. What’s the box underneath the passenger side? On the plus side, it runs and drives.

“We have a very cool 1945 Army Jeep that runs out great and starts easy. It has a 4 cylinder engine and manual shift transmission. It has high and low 4WD. Come by Wards Motorsports 11130 Lillian Hwy Pensacola FL 32406 Mon-Fri 9-5:30”

1945-mb-pensacola-fl0 1945-mb-pensacola-fl1 1945-mb-pensacola-fl2 1945-mb-pensacola-fl3 1945-mb-pensacola-fl4


7 Comments on “1945 MB? Pensacola, FL **SOLD**

  1. Doug in Ohio

    I see no fuel sump on drivers side ,so someone may have built a fuel tank into the right side.It has a tailgate,t90 floor cover,no original location park brake handle,non ww2 engine,no tool indents a few things wrong for starters.Still could be a fun jeep.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Maybe that “box” is some sort of shroud or skid plate. Or a maybe a retractable step?

  3. Minnesota Chris

    They were nice enough to mount their radio under the dash but still cut a big hole for the speaker. Is this a reproduction body?

  4. Doug in Ohio

    Looks like a fuel cap under the right font corner of the passenger seat.Has wrong windshield as well.Could go on about the wrongs for ww2 jeep.The sides of the body are very smooth,and no rear corners.Maybe someone skinned it or made new sides.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    And not a good look, either IMHO.
    But it could have been worse: at least he didn’t install square/rectangular headlights!

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