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Sunday 12th — On the Road Again, Finally

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Shoshone Falls Park near Twin Falls, Idaho. When the falls are gushing the water thunders over the areas to the right and left of Ann.

It took most of the morning, but I finally wrangled Ann into the jeep so we could get the heck out of Pasco. Our goal was to make it to Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s not much of a stretch (only 6+ hours), but we did have a specific place to visit: Shoshone Falls, a place I’ve been promising we’d see.


Since we’ve covered much of the Pasco to Idaho trip in past photos, we won’t bore you with them here — in fact, we didn’t take any of the drive. However, we did have some excitement, which happens whenever my wife drives. Once she is behind the wheel she just goes …. she doesn’t really pay too much attention to signs (though she does follow the speed limit). On more than one occasion she’s driven happily past an exit. This time, we came close to missing the exit, but fortunately I looked up from my eWillys updates just in time to avoid an unplanned detour. She add’s endless unpredictability to our adventures 🙂

We reached the city of Twin Falls just in time to get to Shoshone Falls State Park with some sun left. We’d never visited the park and found it a literal oasis in the desert. We snapped a few photos before quickly realizing our selfie tactics were rusty. We shall work to improve those, so don’t pan us too loudly for our narcissistic desire to self-photograph . . . we are just practicing! Here are a few practice shots at the falls:


The park had surprisingly beautiful kept and clean grassy landscapes.


This cool platform rests on a rock peninsula that provides wonderful views of the upstream falls and downstream Snake River.


Me practicing the art of the selfie. I’d forgotten to move my hand slightly to increase the number of potential views. This is hard work I’m telling’ ya! Now if you look down the river about a half mile you can seen (you really can’t see, you have to imagine) where Evel Knievel tried to jump the river (see video below).


2 Comments on “Sunday 12th — On the Road Again, Finally

  1. Idaho Todd

    Dave, you guys found one of southern idaho’s hidden gems (no pun intended). Shoshone Falls is glorious when it has all of its water flow. When it’s not a drought year, it sounds like 10 locomotives roaring over the top! It’s nickname is “the Niagara of the west”. Evel Kneivals “ramp” is huge but it wasn’t used like you would think. He used a “rocket cycle” on a platform. A lot of people thought he rode or drove something and used the ramp, with speed, to jump the canyon. Nope, he used it as a launching pad. Takes some of the thrill out of it. Oh an he didn’t make it across. Bummer. Jerome is a little town just north of Twin Falls. That’s where my brother and I are from. He was born there. So was my wife and 2 daughters. Spent 30 years of our lives down there. Had a small farm and serviced the dairy industry. You could probably smell those on the way through… Anyway, it looks like you guys caught the sun just right and took some great shots. Although I love Sandpoint, I’ll always have fond memories of raising our family in that area. Oh, and if this reaches you soon enough, the best breakfast in town is at the Buffalo Cafe downtown. It is delicious! Enjoy and be safe…

  2. Mom

    I always love your adventures. Your first stop is really worthy of your time there. Thanks, Idaho Todd for more details about the falls and Evil Knievil. I remember watching many of his escapades, including the Canyon attempt.

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