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Tuesday April 14th — Winds and more Winds

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Those arrows barely missed us!

Today we drove from Salt Lake City to Durango. Our entire route included constantly brisk, dusty winds. At one point as we approached Moab a huge dust devil stacked with tumbleweeds blew across the road in front of us. It was pretty spectacular. I’m really glad it didn’t blow into us!!


Needless to say, the winds squashed any desire we had to jump out and take photos. Besides, we’ve capture the look and feel of this area, as well as the jeeps, during our 2013 trip when we photographed the CJ-2A on Ivan’s sign just south of Moab and the jeep that sits atop Hole in the Rock.

I’d pretty much given up on photos, but then we spotted two jeeps and a bunch of arrows. The winds had subsided, so we got some pics while the shooting was good.

The first jeep I spotted was this CJ-2A, which appeared to be a VEC. It sits off the highway 160 just east of Mesa Verde National Park (which we decided not to visit due to the winds and the fact that we’d both been there).



The next jeep we spotted was this CJ-2A in Manco. It’s on the east side of town along the main street.

2015-04-14-saltlake-durango2 2015-04-14-saltlake-durango3

We spotted this unusual trading post a few miles east of Mesa Verde National Park. We looked around to see where the arrows came from, but couldn’t spot a bow anywhere:


The trading post also included this old town area:


Finally, the oddest thing we found near Cortez, Colorado, was this former gas station. It turns out there’s quite a story (too long to relate at this late hour — here are some web results).

2015-04-14-saltlake-durango6 2015-04-14-saltlake-durango7


Tomorrow we head for Albuquerque. We may spend a night or two there before heading to Tularosa, New Mexico. What I know for sure is I’m sleeping in tomorrow 🙂




One comment on “Tuesday April 14th — Winds and more Winds

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Sounds windy. It even made the news. They shut down the Salt Lake City airport at one point. Safe travels

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