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Tuesday April 21 — Another One Bites the Dust

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To whom should credit be given for that all-too-accurate phrase, no good deed goes unpunished? One need look no further than our bedroom to comprehend its accuracy. To wit, my wonderful wife who cared for me during my darkest hours with the plague has now succumbed to its wretched claws. Now she suffers the coughs, the chills, and all manner of inhumane indignities brought on by the horrid influenza. Tissues (with aloe) shall become her solace as she extricates the worst of dregs, nasally, from her being.

On a sunnier note, as of this evening I have shaken the devil from me. No chills, no fever, no sweating, and no more tissues!! It is no less a miracle than Jesus with Lazarus. I am reborn!

So, yes dear readers, we remain in quarantine for a couple more days. We are now a month behind my initial schedule. Fortunately, schedules matter naught to us!


Sunset in Tularosa



9 Comments on “Tuesday April 21 — Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Idaho Todd

    Very poetic… maybe a tequila bottle? It’s got a funny nipple thing inside on its bottom. Could be what Dave used to shake the flu…

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    It is a wine bottle on a piece of rebar. Last month they threw a party with plenty of kids. To make sure the kids didn’t accidentally land on the rebar protruding upwards (they are halfway done with a wall) they put wine bottles on them. It turns out the wine bottles clink in the wind. Really a nice sound.

  3. Al Masten

    Dave, glad to hear you’re better and regret hearing Ann is now entertaining this plague ! In N.Y. this winter a similar malady affected many for 30-60 days before leaving as quietly as it arrived Hopefully this strain didn’t make it all the way out west . Perhaps we could call it having the Willys ?

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    She’s tougher than I am … lol … I’m sure she’ll bounce back quickly. She’s already seems a little better this morning, but the day is still young!

    AL — 30-60 days? That gives me the willys just thinking about that.

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