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1945 MB w/ Converto Trailer Auburn, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown**

“Great jeep all around… runs good looks excellent. .. looks stock.. but has POWER STEERING ….. Buick v6.. and also has rancho suspension WITH COMBAT WHEELS ALL AROUND…. INCLUDING TRAILER WITH brand new 7.50 x 16 tires stock look with a few upgrades… also has newer axles.. 44 and a 27… and 11 inch brakes…. all in all great reliable and fun jeep… with bone stock look.. u don’t know unless u know it’s not stock..”

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3 Comments on “1945 MB w/ Converto Trailer Auburn, CA **Status Unknown**

  1. Joe in Mesa

    No… no… no… what exactly looks bone stock here? Wrong color, wrong spare tire mount, wrong stance, wrong (probably better) steering, wrong added fuel cell/tank, wrong taillights, wrong seats, wrong (def better) engine… just wrong, stock-wise.
    Soooo, just drop those words. The rest of the description is solid: This has COMBAT RIMS and a COOL CONVERTO trailer and nice paint and a beefy looking winch, AND might even be worth the asking price. This will look “cool” to many folks, but def not even a mildly “STOCK” look… IMNSHO.

  2. Taken in California

    This guy sells a lot of Bantam and Converto trailers. I traded him a pretty good 1942 bantam trailer plus cash for one of his Converto trailers. At the time, he told me he striped the trailer down and repainted it with spray paint and it was totally bondo free. He further told me he had never seen a Converto in as nice shape as the one he sold me. The floor was slightly pitted and appeared to be in good usable shape.

    Well, now one year later I started to strip the paint to apply 319 green to match my GPW and found the entire floor was full of bondo and fiberglass to bridge the rusted, pitted metal. He even sanded the underside to hide the bondo. It had new tires, but the tubes were very large truck tubes which were clearly not the correct size.

    He also sells on E-bay by the name of rich-3232 and tter2297. Most of his items are the same tan color.

    Please look very closely prior to buying anything he has to sell.


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