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7? Jeeps Lexington, MS $5000

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The black CJ-2A might run (top pic). You’ll need a big trailer.

“Lots of good parts!!! Must all go together.. ”

many-jeeps-lexington-ms3 many-jeeps-lexington-ms4 many-jeeps-lexington-ms5

many-jeeps-lexington-ms6 many-jeeps-lexington-ms7 many-jeeps-lexington-ms8


3 Comments on “7? Jeeps Lexington, MS $5000

  1. peter

    The first picture shows a 46VEC then an M170 ,M38 and other early CJs.. I personally think the price is too high given the detiorated condition and incomplete jeeps shown. Maybe seller has titles for all.

  2. Minnesota Chris

    I agree with Peter. Those jeeps look rough. It’s a shame someone cut up that 2a

  3. Idaho Todd

    Poor little jeeps. 5k? There is so much work to be done. Check out the winch setup on that 2a…

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