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1942 MB? Harlowton, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

Runs. Body and chassis appear to be MB/GPW.

“Runs. Great hunting jeep.”

1942-mb-billings-mt1 1942-mb-billings-mt2 1942-mb-billings-mt3


3 Comments on “1942 MB? Harlowton, MT **SOLD**

  1. Idaho Todd

    Lots going on with this little jeep. Looks like a pretty nice job on cutting the wheel houses for more leg room. Covered up one tool indent in bodywork. Civi style gas tank. Maybe a 3a windshield frame. Possibly a M38 grill. 5 nice wheels (too bad they’re not combats) and those highback seats have to be more comfortable than the factory ones…

  2. Joe in Mesa

    While I can appreciate the need for more leg room and the body work to accomodate a more comfortable seat moved further back, it’s just WRONG to rework the body/wheel well lines on a WWII jeep like this. If they just HAD to do this mod, leave the side panels alone and reduce the wheel well bump-ins with clever painting/undercoating effects maybe.
    But at $1200, this could still be an affordable challenging project. Two more challenges: finding the correct grill and windshield.

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