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1962 Wagoneer Motorhome Lamar, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: Seth noted that was for sale back in 2012. He also reports it sold, though the Craigslist ad is still up and listing it at $3000.

Blaine forwarded this rare Wagoneer motorhome.

“Engine Runs and is 230 cu inch 6 Cylinder… 3 Speed Tranny, 4 Wheel Drive, Drive Train Good Condition, can use little repair around the doors, Floor is medium to good condition..
Needs Clutch Slave Cylinder and Master Cylinder… Plumbing and Heating Needs Work….”

1962-gladiator-mobile-home-lamar-co1 1962-gladiator-mobile-home-lamar-co2 1962-gladiator-mobile-home-lamar-co3 1962-gladiator-mobile-home-lamar-co4


14 Comments on “1962 Wagoneer Motorhome Lamar, CO **SOLD**

  1. Seth

    Any information on the camper conversion? Unless I have my history wrong there were no factory campers other than the CJ-5 one in 1969.

  2. Idaho Todd

    Unreal. If you had to RV and you are a certified willys nut, there you go. I’ve never seen one of these before. Not exactly aerodynamic. Looks to be in pretty good shape though…

  3. Seth

    I’ve emailed for more information, will update if I hear anything. I’ll be in the area several times over the next couple of months, if I can get up close and personal with it I’ll take some more pictures.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Dave … worse, it’s the second time I’ve made that mistake!! (And I think the second time you corrected me??)

  5. Jim Blair

    There was a green one of these campers on Skyway Hill in Seattle but I didn’t realize it was so rare or I would’ve taken some photos. That was around 2000 and I saw some at Ouray, CO at the FSJ invasion after that.

  6. David Eilers


    Do you mean the Skyway area between Renton and Seattle? I only ask because I grew up in Renton.

    – Dave

  7. David Eilers

    My parents lived in an apartment there when they first got married. Small world.

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