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Wagon in Germany with Unique Fenders

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Scott’s buddy is traveling in Saxony, Germany, and came across this unique wagon yesterday.





5 Comments on “Wagon in Germany with Unique Fenders

  1. Idaho Todd

    Wow, now that’s cool. Looks to be a ’50-’53 by the grill but who knows. Those fenders really give it a different look. I’m not to crazy about all the details on the sides of the body being gone. It sure is in great shape, like the color too. Looks to be a light up above the windshield. Little rust on the chrome grill. The mirrors are great. Little lights on the fenders look like ’53-’58 high hood and mid ’60’s cj5 for the ambers…very nice find.

  2. Dave

    In that time period the vehicles were available in several different platforms, such as frame and axles with steering gear, and also one with the windshield, cowl, hood and fenders. They were used domestically when fitted with delivery bodies, such as examples from the Boyertown Body Works.
    It’s obvious this is one that was ordered and fitted with a body of local manufacture.

  3. Scramboleer

    Interesting wagon. Jeeps of any kind are rare in Europe. That wagon wears license plates from a town in Austria called Imst (in Tyrolia).

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