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Monday May 11 — Three-nap Kind of Day

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Titas Taco House in Humble, Texas

Apparently, we needed some rest. We woke up early, checked emails, Facebook, etc, then fell back asleep for a nap. I blame the rain (seems as good excuse as any and it rained all day).

When we awoke, I was hungry. I found a place I wanted to try called Titas Taco House that had a five start YELP rating with 145 reviews. So off we went.


It was 11am when we arrived at the Humble, Texas, location to find a house converted into a small restaurant. We could see much of the dirt parking lot because it was already filled with cars. This bode well for our food adventure.

Inside the restaurant there was no list of prices and no menu. There was a series of poles and ropes, suggesting that long lines were not unusual.


Poles to help direct customer traffic.

However, we must have timed it right, because we walked right up to the order station. In front of us were about 20 different options for filling our tacos.


Lots of taco filling options

Again, no names on anything. We had to ask what was what. Ann decided on three corn tortillas filled with egg & sausage, potatoes and polish sausage, and poblanos and cheese. To make the tortillas, the server laid a thin layer of refried beans onto the tortilla and then added a small amount of filling.

My ordered differed from Anns in that I had the flour tortillas. One was filled was some tasty napolitos. After we received our tacos, we walked to the register only to find out that we paid AFTER we ate. Perhaps that encourages people to go back through the line? When we did go back they asked how many we had (6 tacos) and paid for them. It’s a honor based system. Kind of cool.


The tacos were outstanding. It’s the quality of the home made tortillas that really make them work. The fillings were varied and excellent too, but it is so hard to find great, fresh tortillas.

The inside of the restaurant had a great, funky feel to it.

2015-05-11-titas-taco-house3 2015-05-11-titas-taco-house4 2015-05-11-titas-taco-house6 2015-05-11-titas-taco-house7

After breakfast, we returned to the hotel where we promptly took a nap (that would be nap number two). When we awoke, we went back to Humble to get Ann some new jeans at the mall. There’s nothing like shopping in a mall to make me sleepy, so when we returned again to the hotel we took nap number three. I guess we were more tired than I realized!

When we awoke I was hungry again, but this time for some grits. I hardly ever fix myself grits, so we went to the local Waffle House for some cheap breakfast (even though it was 5pm).  After that it was back to work the evening (no fourth nap today!).

Tomorrow we plan to start our day with some more tacos, before heading north to Nacogdoches to visit Jason Monday. We expect more rain through the rest of the week. Hopefully, the tornados will calm down in northern Texas so we can make it through without that type of adventure!

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4 Comments on “Monday May 11 — Three-nap Kind of Day

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Dave, you could always be a food critic. The tacos looked tasty. Sounds like a good time, sleep and eat and then do it all over.

  2. Colin

    They ask you to pay after you eat so that you can enjoy your food while it’s still warm. There are two separate lines: one to order food and one to pay. And your intuition is right, the place is usually jam packed with hungry customers.

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the info. I still wish we had one here where we live (I may have to launch one myself!). Great place!

    – Dave

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