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1944 MB Greenville, SC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $25,000.

(04/09/2015) Looks parade ready.

“Unique ownership history. Not many of these WWII era vehicles available.
Complete with machine gun mount.
Serious inquiries only. Please respond with your contact information if interested.”



6 Comments on “1944 MB Greenville, SC **SOLD**

  1. Brian

    Hard to tell much from the pics but has wrong hood blocks, wrong wheels, wrong steering wheel. For that price, I would expect it to be more correct.

  2. Lester Senn

    Also no rear seat ,no door snap mounting holes around entry , blackout light on fender mounted too far back on fender and side reflectors mounted way too low . I wonder if this is a repo tub. IMHO a 15 to 17 thou jeep. For $25,000 should have combat rims and original body at least.

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