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1945 MB Sold at Estate Auction for $3450

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Joe reported the following:  Wanted to share some pics of a Willys MB, delivery date 3/8/45, that was auctioned in a South Bethany Beach, Delaware estate sale on Saturday, May 15, 2015. Winning bid was $3,450. The jeep appeared to be mostly complete with a majority of hard-to-find-items intact including a tandem tow bar but had lots of surface rust with only one area of rust-through. The motor is seized. Title status was unknown at the time of sale. Proves once again that these little gems are still out there, even after 70 years!!!

1945-mb-estate-auction-0 1945-mb-estate-auction-1 1945-mb-estate-auction-2 1945-mb-estate-auction-3

1945-mb-estate-auction-4 1945-mb-estate-auction-5 1945-mb-estate-auction-6 1945-mb-estate-auction-7 1945-mb-estate-auction-8 1945-mb-estate-auction-9 1945-mb-estate-auction-10


9 Comments on “1945 MB Sold at Estate Auction for $3450

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Wow: it is pretty complete… even has the combat rims, towing pintle, correct rear lights, roof/top hardward, etc.. The missing fuel strainer/separator and horn wont’ be too hard nor expensive to get.

    Keep looking, Tyler! …esp. here on eWillys 🙂

  2. Doug In Ohio

    Very nice complete jeep for that money!!If it is a 1945,the fuel strainer was eliminated sometime in 1945.

  3. Brian

    The fuel strainer was dropped around May to June of 45 so this should have one. That was a good price for this one.

  4. Bill Garland

    I wish I had known about that sale. I was in Bethany Beach Del. last weekend. Would like to find one like that.

  5. Joe

    Nope…. this Joe did not buy it. I currently have two restored military jeeps and don’t need another project. No time to do that again!!! However, I did speak to the guy who ultimately won the bidding and he mentioned to me that he will buy “anything on wheels”…… (but yet he didn’t buy any of the four other vehicles (non-MV) that were included in the estate. I have a feeling that the buyer will flip this jeep sooner rather-than-later, so watch the for sale ads in the coming weeks. I will give everyone here a heads up if I see something locally.

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