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My Life with a Jeep

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UPDATE: This article about a Coast Guard jeep driver appeared in the same July 15th, 1945, Milwaukee Journal issue as the CJ-2A article below. It features William R. Scott, a Coast Guardsman. The article was also published in the Spokesman Review.





1945-07-15-milwaukee-journal-jeep-tamer3 1945-07-15-milwaukee-journal-jeep-tamer1


3 Comments on “My Life with a Jeep

  1. Roy1959CJ3b

    This guy sounds like my dad ( world war 2) Pacific. He bought two scouts. used and a new one. Traded my Vec for a new scout. Age 13 (never forgave him!) lol 🙂 Said you might as well drive a tractor! lol 🙂 Great article Dave! I and the vet would get along! lol. 🙂

  2. Joe in Mesa

    That’s a cool story… paints a colorful picture of life back then… a bunch of characters: all of them 🙂

  3. Roy 1959 CJ3b

    Joe I knew the Vec was a collector at age 15. Should have kept all my jeeps! lol The best part is they kept me out of trouble in town. Spent all my free time in the mountains. Lived outside the box 🙂

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