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1944 MB St. Augusta, MN $3900


If you like green carpet, this might be a the jeep for you.

“Jeep in very good condition. Tires and wheels in excellent shape. Custom made cab and rear enclosure. Sound mechanical condition runs very good. Has heater, comes with tow bar and good spare tire, highway legal. Sale Price $3,900.”

1944-mb-staugusta-mn1 1944-mb-staugusta-mn2 1944-mb-staugusta-mn3 1944-mb-staugusta-mn4


4 Comments on “1944 MB St. Augusta, MN $3900

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Did i really just see that? Carpet in the back or in a jeep at all? Why, what has the world come to? My state can’t claim this! Ahhhh! 🙂 where’s the indents? This jeep has too many issues…

  2. Minnesota Chris

    I do get that Steve and obviously the seller wasn’t going for anything original here. Now if it was a totally restored or original mb i might have to sit down. 😉

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Weird… makes you wonder why they did that. While I don’t like that green indoor-outdoor carpeting, they did an impressive job fitting/molding it in there.

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