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1962 Wagon Traveller Parkland, WA $1000

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Dan spotted this Traveller for sale. It’s rough. The Seller believes this to be a Parkway, but it is actually a Traveller.

1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 01 1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 02 1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 03 1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 04

1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 05 1962 Willys Traveller (Parkland, WA) 06 1962-traveller


6 Comments on “1962 Wagon Traveller Parkland, WA $1000

  1. scramboleer

    I looks like 365 of these Travellers were made in 1962 (assuming this is a ’62). The seller also said his dad had it for about the past 20 years. He is going to check with him to get more info on it.

  2. Minnesota Chris

    I got to see todd’s traveller this week. It’s pretty cool. We get to go for a drive in it tomorrow. I did put an offer in on this traveller. I figured what the heck, might as well.

  3. mmdeilers Post author


    Parkland isn’t far from my sister’s house in Roy (Parkland is on the northside of JBLM, while Roy is on the south side). She has plenty of place to park it if need be.

    – Dave

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